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Anal fissure

An anal fissure is a small cut in the lining of the bowel at the anus. This can be very painful and can also have a small amount of bleeding with it. After a trial of different creams if it is still problematic then surgery would be warranted, where I would usually inject medication into the muscle which would relax the muscle and thereby help the fissure heal.

This is a very small procedure and you are usually able to go home the same day.

Anal fistula

A fistula is a small connection between the inside of the anus and the skin. You may get some discharge through the opening at the skin, discomfort or may even develop a small abscess at that site.

Depending on how deep this fistula goes, there are various treatment options available which I will discuss with you


Haemorrhoids are large bloodvessels that occur around the anus. Whilst they often have very few if any symptoms, they can cause bleeding and occasionally pain. They can also prolapse. Diet and lifestyle changes are usually effective for smaller haemorrhoids, which do tend to come and go.

For larger haemorrhoids there would be a few different options depending on exactly where they are anatomically, which I would discuss with you.

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