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An incisional hernia is a hernia that occurs after a previous operation, usually related to the scar from the surgery. These may range from being very small to very large and complex hernias. A hernia itself is a defect in a strong connective tissue layer through which tissue can protrude.  Sometimes, particularly if bowel protrudes through this defect, or hernia, it can get stuck and very occasionally lose its blood supply. This would obviously be an emergency.

By using either laparoscopic or the more traditional “open” technique, the contents of the hernia are reduced and the hernia repaired using a variety of different available mesh and fixation devices.

Since these hernias can range from being small to very large, the surgery required to repair them also ranges from being minor to quite complex, and could potentially require longer recovery times. I would obviously discuss this with you beforehand.

Apart from a very small chance of bleeding or wound infection, there is a very small chance of recurrence of the hernia (usually 1-2%)

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