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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

The laparoscopic or “keyhole” technique is the goldstandard approach to removing a gallbladder. Using a few small incisions (usually three 5mm incisions and one incision about 1-2cm long) I would dissect and remove the gallbladder.

At the same time I would usually inject some dye down the duct connecting the gallbladder (cystic duct) to the main duct (common bile duct) to ensure no stones are in the common bile duct. If so, they would be attempted to be flushed down the duct to clear it.

Once everything is clear, clips are placed around the cystic duct to close it off prior to removing the gallbladder through the larger of the skin incisions. The operation is then complete.

Usually you would stay overnight and be home the next morning. Although a very simple and safe procedure, there are a few risks associated. Apart from a very small chance of bleeding or wound infection, there is a very small chance of damaging the common bile duct. Although rare, if this happened it may require further major surgery.

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